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Mentoring & Individual Training

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Mentoring Options …

Mentoring provides you with the coaching, training, support and direction to meet your specific and unique requirements. Each mentoring session is customised to meet your needs. Mentoring is a proven way to accelerate your progress on your Spiritual or business path. Through immediate knowledge transfer, application and feedback, you can build your knowledge, capabilities and confidence.

A portion of the first mentoring session is utilised to capture and understand your present level of knowledge and confidence, and where you aspire to be at various points in time. Once that information is obtained, Deb customises the content for the remaining mentoring sessions to ensure that you have the best possible opportunity to accomplish your aspirations. You can also expect to be required to commit to completing actions and milestones after your mentoring sessions to continue to make progress towards achieving your goals. But don’t worry, you are supported every step of the way! That’s what mentoring is all about.

Because mentoring requires planning and creating customised lesson content for you, (after all, it’s not realistic to expect to kick all of our goals in a single day) it’s recommended that you select the package that best suits your needs. Pre-purchased packages provide an excellent discount on regular prices too! (See! Winning already!) To see prices and/or purchase your mentoring sessions CLICK HERE.

Please note: Mentoring is available to students who have completed the Deb B spiritual courses. If you have not completed the courses, applying for mentoring is possible but acceptance is not guaranteed. See also, One on One Spiritual Training to determine which service best suits your needs.

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One on One Spiritual Training

Group courses are the recommended way to learn to become a Psychic Medium, however we understand that learning in a group environment at specific times does not suit everyone. One to one courses at a pre-arranged time (weekly or fortnightly) that works for both you and Deb are available by special arrangement.

The content of the courses is nearly identical however rather than reading for another course attendee, you’ll read for Deb during each session. Depending on the level of the course that you are taking (beginner, intermediate or advanced), you may be required to provide readings to others to complete the course certification. (Often past and current students who are open to being read and understanding of the learning process are selected as your ‘mock clients’ during the course.)

To request ‘One on One’ Spiritual Training, CLICK HERE.