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Once you have requested a reading and been provided with a confirmed date, purchase your reading prior to 48 hours (at minimum) before your reading date.

Online - Psychic Intuitive Life Reading - 1 Hour +

Online - Psychic Intuitive Life Reading - 1 Hour +


Psychic Intuitive Life Readings provide you with a look into your likely future paths. Deb taps into your your team of Guides and Angels (who know you better than anyone) to bring you insights, wisdom and guidance. (Yes, you have a team!)

These readings cover a vast range of topics relevant to your life such as relationships, family, personal fulfillment, career, life purpose, romance and more. You may ask for extra emphasis on a particular aspect of your life as well.

The purpose of these readings is to give you guidance, ideas and inspiration from your Spirit Team.

Note: You always control your future. The information conveyed during readings are simply likelihoods and probabilities based on your circumstances on the day of the reading.

This reading can be conducted online via Zoom (similar to Skype) so that you may see the reading as it happens and interact with Deb. You will be sent a link prior to your scheduled reading.

Alternative Delivery Methods: Telephone or Messenger Phone Call. If you would prefer not to see your reading, please advise us in the comments.

Countries that telephone calls are available to:

Australia, USA, New Zealand, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, South Korea, China.

***Please provide a phone number in the comments and advise of the country that you are in.

Messsenger Phone Calls are available to anyone who has the Messenger Ap.

****Please provide details of your Messenger name and profile in the comments to allow Deb to connect with you if you prefer this method.

All readings are conducted in English.

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