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Reiki Healing is...

a gentle form of energy healing. Deb is Reiki trained and attuned to provide you with Universal Energy that your Higher Self intuitively uses (sub-consciously) in a variety of ways which may include:

- Releasing stagnant energy or energy that is no longer serving you

- Releasing physical, emotional or mental pain

- Attaining more positive, high vibration energy to increase vitality, clarity and intuitive connection to self

- Balance energies throughout the various bodies including the emotional, mental and physical bodies. 

Deb's signature Reiki session automatically includes a full 'chakra balance'. In addition, Deb works with the Angelic Realm to bring you love, peace, guidance, protection and wisdom throughout and after your treatment.

Reiki treatments are a relaxing and gentle way to release built up stress, anxiety and tension to re-balance your emotional and physical well-being.

Price: $75 (approximately one hour)

To Book: Click here or text us on (04)14 199 047 to request an appointment. Include your preferred day of the week and time (morning, afternoon, evening). We will reply with your booking options.