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Below are the scheduled commencement dates for courses in the first quarter of 2020.

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Mediumship Development Circle

Are you a Medium or developing Medium looking for a group to practice and continue developing with? These gatherings with like minded people will provide you with opportunities to practice in a safe, fun and fully supported environment. We will provide tips, share learnings and practice Mediumship and Platform Mediumship.

On occasion, we will alternate locations to allow us to work with larger audiences who need to receive the messages from Spirit that the group can deliver. (Prior notice will be given of sessions open to the public.)

Your Hosts: Deb Bullions & Cherie Miles - Psychic Mediums

To purchase tickets click here or text us on (04)14 199 047 to reserve your space.

Investment: $15

Date: ***Sunday, 5 May from 10am to 12pm ***

Normally held on the second Sunday of each month at 2pm (14 April, 9 June, 14 July, 11 August) *** EXCEPT our May session which clashes with Mothers’ Day.

Location: Spectrum Building, Level 2, 74 Smith Street Motorway, Southport