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Business Space Clearings start from

Business Space Clearings start from


Just like our homes, energy builds up in our business environments (offices, warehouses and shared office spaces) and can become stagnant or of a low vibration for a wide range of reasons. Deb assesses each space inside and outside of the property to identify the energy patterns and whether any entities are present. She works to understand what issues or incidents may have contributed to the sub-optimal energy patterns or what type of entity is present (using her ‘claire’ senses) and the reason for their presence so that she may report back to you.

She then works with her Spirit Team and Universal Source Energy to shift any energy that is not optimal or entities that are unwelcome and reset the energy within the space to one of a light and high vibration conducive to optimal productivity and positive outcomes.

You will receive a verbal on the findings. (Written reports are available by special request.)

$300 applies to spaces of up to 250m2. Please request a quote for larger spaces.

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