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House Clearing pricing from

House Clearing pricing from


Each space inside and outside of the property is assessed to identify the energy patterns and whether any entities are present. I endeavour to understand what may have contributed to the sub-optimal energy patterns or what type of entity is present (using my ‘clair’ senses) and the reason for their presence which I will report back to you.

I work with my Spirit Team, Universal Source Energy and The Angelic Realm to shift any energy that is not optimal or entities that are unwelcome and reset the energy within the space to one of a light and high vibration conducive to happiness, good health and relaxation.

You will receive a full verbal report on the findings which you are welcome to record.

Please Note: This price applies to an average home of approximately 200m2. For larger homes, please request a quote. (Please see the ‘About’ menu drop-down and ‘Contact’ item for our contact details.)

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