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Deb B had her first psychic experiences before the age of 5. She met her first formal instructor and mentor at the age of 19 and to this day continues to teach the skills taught to her by him. Deb has been blessed with having three wonderful mentors and now passes that knowledge down to her own students and mentees.



From the age of 4, my psychic abilities began to become apparent. My connection with Spirit became evident when I was able to tell my parents what would be playing on the car radio before we got into the car. Songs would begin to play in my mind, I'd tell Mom and then we'd start the car.  I was rarely wrong. Initially my parents found it entertaining. After a while, my Mother found it unsettling. They didn’t have the knowledge or tools to understand how to support the development of my Spiritual capabilities.

Around the age of 6 or 7, I experienced my first 'visitation' after the passing of a family friend. It happened during sleep, she came to me and grabbed my ankle to get my attention. It was an unfortunate choice of ways to get my attention because I was afraid of her. She'd suffered from Alzheimer's and had gotten violent with a family member of mine. Her choice to touch my ankle was terrifying. I've since come to understand that she was trying to apologise. I will never forget the experience, either way. In fact, that is often a tell-tale sign of a visitation. The memory and detail of the visit never fades with time. It remains vividly etched in your mind. 

As a teen, I was very interested in Spirituality, which back in the 80s, we called 'Metaphysics' or ‘New Age’. I spent time in bookstores and the library learning whatever I could about Reincarnation (Edgar Cayce case studies fascinated me), Buddhism (which came onto my radar after reading The Way of The Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman), etc. There was not much to choose from in those early days of 'New Age Thinking'. 

I was given my first Tarot deck at 18. My first reading was frightening and came true the very next day after my flatmate went through her windscreen. I put the cards away for many years after that. 

At 19, I met my first Spiritual Mentor who, through a university course, taught me to connect with my Spirit Guides, do health scans through my energy body, meditate and a host of other foundational skills which I now teach to my students. 

Visitations continued to increase through my teens and twenties, both waking and sleeping. However it wasn’t until many years later that I could control when or how the connections to passed Loved Ones occurred. It was my third mentor who trained me to control visitations through the art of Mediumship. She also guided me to more fully develop my Psychic 'Clair' skills. 

While it's taken me decades, and several wonderful mentors, to learn the skills I now use to bring clients clarity, peace of mind and healing, my Spirit Team has instructed me to share what I've learned to make it easier for budding Psychics and Mediums to accelerate their progress. I’ve developed a series of courses and workshops to assist anyone interested in stepping into their Spiritual capabilities to do so. I feel blessed to have manifested a life where I spend my time working and teaching in a field that has been a passion of mine for all of my life.


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