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Testimonials & Class Photos

See pictures, feedback and testimonials from previous course and workshop participants.

Here are a few of our class pictures from graduates of Deb B courses along with some or their testimonials and feedback.

Deb is a wonderful teacher and I have gained a lot of valuable skills for moving forward with my new career. - Deborah L..png
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What a wonderful course with the fabulous Deb. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I will be back for more. - Kath.png
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“Amazing as always! I learn so much from Deb every time. She has such a wonderful ability to gently guide you along with raising your self-confidence in your own abilities.” – Anya.png
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_Deb is a fantastic teacher, the course is easy to follow and the instructions given are in easy to understand terms._ - Deborah.png
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_A great course! I didn't want it to end._ - Sasha.png
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I came into this course with prior experience, but due to fear and lack of confidence, I stopped practicing. This course was the perfect re-introduction for me to learn and polish skills in a safe environment that.png
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Deb was an amazing, supportive teacher, coach and guide. Everything was explained in easy to understand language and the support was always offered no matter what level you were at. This is a great intro class for.png
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A few of the many testimonials

A few of the many testimonials

Review a few of the testimonials from past class participants and see a few of our class graduation pics.

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