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Gatherings & Events

Wish you had friends that were as passionate about Spirituality as you? Deb B regularly hosts events to gather like-minded people for spiritual activities such as spirit circles, moon ceremonies and social events. Join us!



Deb regularly hosts, or co-hosts, gatherings and events for friendly spiritually-minded people. Spaces are limited so we recommend registering for the event that interests you. In addition to our website, you can follow us on Instagram (@angelpsychic) or Facebook (Deb B, Angel Psychic) or register to receive news of events and courses here on our website.

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spiritual development circle

Join our group of like-minded friendly spiritual people for an evening of connection, relaxation, learning and practice. We will join with the Divine to create our sacred and spiritually aligned space! The evening includes a guided meditation, sharing of practical tips and teachings on a range of topics including developing psychic awareness and abilities, protection, raising our vibrations, developing a relationship with our Angels and Guides, using Spiritual tools such as pendulums, Divining Rods, Tarot and Oracle cards and more. We will then have some fun practicing what we’ve learned in a safe environment!

This circle is for people of all levels of ability from beginners to advanced.

Date: Tuesdays (yes, every Tuesday! But you choose which Tuesdays you attend.)

Time: 7:30 pm (approximately 1.5 to 2 hours)

Your Host: Deb B, Angel Psychic, Medium, Teacher and Mentor

Location: Gold Coast Spiritual Centre, 20 Scarborough Street, Upstairs in Suite 5, Southport

Investment: $15 - Spaces are limited. Click here to register or text Deb on 0414 199 047 to hold your space.

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Mediumship Development circle

Are you a Medium or developing Medium looking for a group to practice and continue developing with? These gatherings with like minded people will provide you with opportunities to practice in a safe, fun and fully supported environment. We will provide tips, share learnings and practice Mediumship and Platform Mediumship.

On occasion, we will alternate locations to allow us to work with larger audiences who need to receive the messages from Spirit that the group can deliver. (Prior notice will be given of sessions open to the public.)

Your Hosts: Deb Bullions & Cherie Miles - Psychic Mediums

To register, click below or text us on (04)14 199 047 to reserve your space.

Investment: $15

Date: Second Sunday of each month from 10am to 12pm (9 June, 14 July, 11 August, etc)

Location: Gold Coast Spiritual Centre, Suite 5, Level 2, 20 Scarborough Street, Southport

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Meditation Circles

Let’s face it, meditating alone can be difficult and finding time to meditate can be even tougher. Join us for a guided meditation with Deb taking us first inward and then outward as we connect with our Spirit Teams and explore our Universe. Come back feeling exhilarated yet relaxed and refreshed. Spend some time learning about techniques for working with Spirit and trying them out with friendly like-minded people.

Date: First and third Mondays of each month at 7pm

Location: Stonez Gallery, Shop 13, 175 Monterey Keys Drive, Helensvale

Investment: $15