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Once you have requested a reading and been provided with a confirmed date, purchase your reading prior to 48 hours (at minimum) before your reading date.

In Person - Mediumship Reading - (on the Gold Coast)

In Person - Mediumship Reading - (on the Gold Coast)


Mediumship Readings provide you with the opportunity to hear from your Loved Ones who have passed away. Through Deb, your Loved Ones can convey the information and messages that you long for.

Deb works to provide you with confirmation of which of your Loved Ones is communicating with her. Deb provides you with details of their physical appearance and/or character, brings forward any memories of your shared time together that your Loved One(s) would like you to recall, and passes on the messages that they have for you.

Mediumship Readings are interactive. You may ask questions and convey messages to your Loved Ones through Deb also.

Deb encourages you to bring or have with you any special items or photographs that belonged to the Loved Ones you wish to hear from. Through the use of psychometry, Deb can more readily connect to your Loved Ones energy to increase the likelihood that you hear from the people who you want to. If you do not have any items or photos, that is absolutely fine too.

If you do bring items or photo’s, please keep them hidden until Deb asks you to place them in her hands (while her eyes are closed). If it is a photo, please place it face down so that Deb cannot see the image.

These sessions generally run from 45 - 75 minutes depending on the number of your Loved Ones who choose to step forward and the length of tie they participate in the session.

Please Note: We cannot guarantee who you will hear from.

In the rare event that no one steps forward, a full refund will be provided. (This has never occurred but we wish to assure you that you are protected should this circumstance arise.)

Your appointment will take place at one of Deb’s Gold Coast offices. You will be advised of the address to attend prior to your reading.

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