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Once you have requested a reading and been provided with a confirmed date, purchase your reading prior to 48 hours (at minimum) before your reading date.

Reiki & Reading

Reiki & Reading


By far the most popular service which includes a one hour Reiki session PLUS a psychic or mediumship reading.

Angelic Reiki brings you energy for to help you to release burdens and to heal. It’s also a wonderful way to have your energy topped up in a gentle and fully relaxing way. You will be surrounded by gorgeous crystals which will bring additional energy to the healing experience. In addition to receiving Reiki, your chakras will be fully balanced.

After your relaxing Reiki session, you will received a full report of how each chakra was operating before the healing and what situations or conditioning may have affected each one. You will also receive affirmations and messages from your personal Spirit Team of Guides and Angels. (Yes, you do have a team. Really!)

After your Reiki session, you can then experience either a psychic reading (about your future) or a mediumship reading (hear from a loved one who has crossed over into Spirit).

All together, this fully comprehensive session will run for 1.5 to 2 hours.

The price is a permanent sale price due to how popular the session is. Separately they represent a $165 value.

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